Written by composer Emma-Ruth Richards and librettist Nic Chalmers, TRAFFICK (working title) is a new chamber opera about sex trafficking. Developed in association with director Natalie Abrahami and the Royal Opera House, the libretto was commissioned by Nordland Teater, Norway. Production details TBC. 


... I'm trying were the last words she said. She danced them with hopeful hands, silver-clad and belonging to some nimble skeleton. I saw it once, the skeleton, and there were such marvellous chambers to hide in. She keeps her names in there, penciled on the egg shells. It helps to try. We like detective stories, she and I, and eating-rooms (eating rooms). But I shall tell you nothing else about us except this: she may marry a man who does not make anybody glad. Try not to. And she may sink to the bottom of a secret room. Like an egg.

Extract from exhibition text written for artist Kate Temple's 2009 MA show, THE FIRST CLEAR WORD.